Lilyana Petrova Lulu is a Bulgarian artist, born in Sofia. Her focus is mainly in painting and design. She graduated from the National High School of Arts specializing in fine art, after which she studied fashion and industrial design at the Academy of Theatre in Sofia , took an apprenticeship in Ceramics, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at New Bulgarian University. After that she completed her Master’s Degree in her original vocation of painting, also at NBU. The Artist seeks self-expression through a diversity of techniques and materials. An eclectic life painter, Lulu also works with graphics, graphic- and web-design, illustrations, posters, as well as interior and exterior design. Over the last few years she has worked as a costume designer in several television reality formats, as well as in various areas in the Bulgarian film industry. 2006–2010, many group exhibitions for young artists in Sofia. In New Bulgarian University and several organized by the Union of Bulgarian Painters at their "6 Shipka Street" Gallery. 2012, Fuse group exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery in London. 2014, Beyond your vision group exhibition at the Music House of Boris Hristov in Sofia. 2017, Le Vie dell’Arte group exhibition in the Galleria D’Arte Mentana in Florence, Italy. 2017, Artistes Du Monde 2017 International Art Festival in Cannes, France. 2017, participant in the Art Tour International Top 60 Masters Of Contemporary Art of 2018, both as an artist in the Tour’s catalogue and during the official Masters Award Ceremony 2018 at the New York Museum of Arts and Design. 2018, Holding master classes of art in Abu Dhabi Art Hub Gallery, UAE. 2018, Parallax art fair 2018 International Art Festival in Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London, England 2005, While They Were Sleeping solo exhibition in Gallery Irida, Sofia. 2007–08, The Muse an overall visual and multimedia concept as the stage accompaniment to the music of the composer Simon Lazar. The show was performed in Sofia in the grand Hall 3 of the National Palace of Culture and internationally. 2017, The Stories of Lulu solo exhibition at the Galleria D’Arte Mentana in Florence, Italy. 2017, The Stories of Lulu - Life in Paintings solo exhibition at the Russian Cultural Centre in Sofia.